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MyIg Preferences Assessment

Helping you discuss and understand your Ig treatment preferences

There are different types of Ig therapies out there to treat PI. Understanding the differences and your unique preferences can help you and your physician select an immunoglobulin (Ig) therapy that meets your individual needs.

your Ig treatment preferences

Created and tested with doctors and people with PI.

Use this tool to aid a conversation with your health care provider about what types of Ig treatments may be the best fit for you, whether you are starting an Ig treatment or thinking about switching Ig treatments.

Created and tested with doctors and people with PI.

Takeda will retain your responses to the MyIg Preferences Assessment in aggregate (de-identified) for internal and external reporting purposes. No personal data will be retained in any manner. Email address will be used for the purpose of tagging your user profile that you’ve completed the MyIg Preferences Assessment and sending your responses to you. For more information about Takeda’s privacy practices, please review our privacy notice.

Ig treatment at a glance

Common features

Here are some features that all Ig treatments have in common:

  • All Ig treatments work well to help your body protect you from infections
  • You need to take Ig treatments regularly
  • All Ig treatments are given using at least one needle
  • You need to make time in your life to get Ig treatment
  • Ig treatments have side effects and come with potential risks

Differences to consider

With the direct support of your health care provider, you have options to explore. The key factors for consideration are:

  • Where you get Ig treatment and who gives it to you
  • How often you take the treatment
  • How long it takes to get the treatment
  • How many needles are needed