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Living With Primary Immunodeficiency

We understand the challenges you face when living with primary immunodeficiency (PI). And so do the MyIgSource Advocates, people just like you either living with or caring for someone with PI.

Watch the videos on this page to hear the Advocates discuss everyday life with PI and managing it at different stages of the journey. And remember, when you enroll in MyIgSource, you'll get even more hands-on support and resources to help you manage PI.

Growing Into Adulthood

Dayna, a mother of four children with PI and a MyIgSource Patient Advocate, explains how she approached the issue of preparing her children for adulthood.

Is PI a Family Condition?

A primary immunodeficiency (PI) diagnosis affects the whole family, not just individual patients. Whether you are a patient or you have a child, sibling, cousin or friend living with PI, MyIgSource has support to offer to you.

Teenage Years - College Transition

As your teenager gains independence you cannot always be around to take care of them. Resources such as the teen transition checklist and college series help teach them how to transition into the next chapter of their life with PI.

Tracking Your Treatment

Tracking your immunoglobulin (Ig) infusions is a great way to help you monitor your treatment schedule, and provide a record to discuss with your health care provider.

Explaining PI to Your Family and Friends

MyIgSource Patient Advocate, Dayna, reveals her struggles with explaining her children's primary immunodeficiency (PI) to her family and friends.