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Stay on Top of It

Searching for accurate and credible information about primary immunodeficiency (PI) can be time-consuming. It can also be hard to find tools that help you manage your condition and learn about your treatment options.

When you enroll in MyIgSource, you'll have access to educational books, magazines, emails, and many other resources and tools to help you better understand your PI and stay on top of your treatment.

  • Just Like Me College series
    Just Like Me College Series

    Find out everything you wanted to know about going to college with PI, from the application process to campus life to your educational rights.

  • Immune globulin comic book 'The Adventures of Incredible Antibody'
    The Adventures of
    Incredible Antibody

    This comic offers a fun, easy way to understand how immune globulin is made, from plasma collection to the lab and all the way to the patient for treatment.

  • Primary immunodeficiency patient journey book 'You're Not Alone'
    You're Not Alone

    This book features 40 real patients and caregivers sharing their thoughts on the PI journey.

  • Therapeutic play kit for PI
    Therapeutic Play Kit

    This kit helps families learn how to cope with the medical environment through therapeutic play.

  • My IgG Book Kit
    My IgG Book Kit

    This kit lets children follow the story of Charlie's Ig infusion and personalize the book with stickers.

  • A look inside the immune system
    A Look Inside the Immune System

    This educational flipbook provides a simplified insight into the biological structures and processes of the human immune system.