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Shire Primary Immunodeficiency patient brochure

Support for You
& Your Patients

We know the challenges that can come with starting a new treatment and living with a chronic disease like primary immunodeficiency (PI).

That's why we created MyIgSource, with support and resources—for both you and your patients—to help at diagnosis, the start of immunoglobulin (Ig) treatment, and beyond.

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How MyIgSource Supports Healthcare Professionals

  • Insurance Support

    Coverage Assistance with benefits verification, prior authorization questions

    Reimbursement Resources for billing and coding

    CoPay Assistance Available to eligible PI patients

  • Nurse Support

    Nurse Advocates Available via phone to answer administration questions about Shire Immunoglobulin (Ig) treatments

    Administration Administration training for Shire products

  • Patient Support

    Patient Advocates Available via phone, all are PI patients or caregivers

    PI Support Emotional and treatment-related support, resources and tools Download the Patient Brochure

Get Patients Started on Ig Treatments

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Insurance Support for Healthcare Professionals

MyIgSource is designed to assist patients, caretakers, and healthcare providers in navigating insurance, connecting to nurse and patient advocates, and accessing educational resources and tools.

MyIgSource Insurance Support provides access to coverage and reimbursement by providing support with benefit verifications and prior authorizations, and resources for billing, coding, and more for Shire Immunoglobulin (Ig) treatments for PI.*

For more information, call MyIgSource Insurance Support directly at 1-855-217-1615.

*With a valid prescription for Shire products

Prescription Coverage and Reimbursement Support

When it comes to helping your patients gain access to immunoglobulin treatment for PI, initiating the coverage & reimbursement process can be challenging. MyIgSource can help. We can help, with resources to support you through prior authorizations and benefit verifications, billing and coding, and more for Shire Immunoglobulin (Ig) treatments for PI.*

What MyIgSource case managers will do:
  • Complete patient- and product-specific benefit verifications*:
    • Confirm your patients' specific insurance benefits and coverage options
    • Return patient-specific benefit information to you typically within 1 business day
  • If prior authorization is required:
    • Obtain insurance company specific requirements and forms
    • Pre-populate non-clinical patient demographic information
    • Follow up with the insurance company to obtain approval or denial
  • If your prior authorization is denied:
    • Obtain reason for denial
    • Determine if an appeal is available
    • Provide supporting resources such as key contact information, checklists, best practices, and templates
  • Connect you to a Shire Reimbursement Manager who can provide specialized billing and coding assistance while you continue to work through the approval process
  • If the first appeal is denied:

    Connect you to a nurse for Tier 2 appeal support and patient-specific Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) support

  • Once coverage is approved, the information will be triaged to either:
    • Your preferred infusion provider, OR
    • Your office
  • If Shire MyIgCoPayCard program is available, coordinate with infusion providers and patient advocates to faciliate the MyIgCoPayCard enrollment process.

*With a valid prescription for Shire products

Shire Financial Support

Shire is dedicated to helping patients with Primary Immunodeficiency start or transition to Shire Ig treatments. The SMART START Program is available for eligible patients to help ease the financial burden of Ig treatment while a patient seeks commercial coverage. To learn more, call MyIgSource at 1-855-250-5111.

Additionally, Shire offers copay assistance for Shire Ig products to eligible patients with PI. To learn more, call MyIgSource today at 1-855-250-5111.

Specialty Pharmacy Program (SPP) Support for Nurses

SPP Nurses can contact a Nurse Advocate at MyIgSource for Shire Ig treatment administration questions. The Nurse Advocates are available 8:30-5:30 EST Monday-Friday, to offer support before, during or after infusions.

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